MOC: Vennas

This is what i could call a “proportion experiment” trying to do a normal sized MOC while being as close to real proportions as possible. (minus the wings). I even managed to make hair that actually looks like “normal” hair.


The hair is definitely an interesting touch. Personally I don’t care for it, but the creativity behind it I can appreciate. As for the rest of the moc I like the color scheme and the weapon, tho it does seem a little big. Is there any kind of backstory for the character?

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not yet, but one day, when i’m bored, i’ll write down every backstory of every MOC i did.

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trans-blue mask is the only blue on the moc
eye seering hair
short thighs(for a proportion experiment)
high heels
scythe(the default edgy weapon)

you need to use ccbs more effectively.

the hair is difficult to change because of the limited choice of color with the eyestalk / what’s wrong with the scythe? / the mask is interchangable / the thighs… i don’t have the right piece for longer ones at the time.

I don’t like the colour scheme, but the scythe looks great, the hair, while ridiculously unnecessary and weird was done well, the heels are eh, and I don’t like the wings at all.


Hooked boots, huh?
The transparent hair is neat.
Wings are great.
Weapon is passable.
Color scheme is okay, but not noteworthy.


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I’d hate to break it to you, but the hair doesn’t look normal.

“normal” for the limitations of the building system

Good use of the Jade Blades on the wings, it’s always nice to see Minifig weapons/tools being used well on Bionicle Mocs.