MOC: Waster of Worlds

This is my first post, fingers crossed...

Anyway, I have been creating MOCs for a while now (like the one in my profile pic), but I've never created anything bigger than a mid-sized figure.

So, one day, I aspired to do something different. While sitting uncomfortably next to my Parts Bins, I had one thought:

Think big.

And this was the result of my endeavors.

I originally had no idea what to call the beast (as I was still in shock that I managed something so big), but I eventually settled for the name Waster of Worlds. It seemed to encapsulate the main theme of the MOC: a literal death machine.

The MOC itself is quite large: even though it isn't any taller (or, in some cases, wider) than most large scale MOCs I see, it's still quite a feat.
I don't even remember how I built it in the first place...

Although the legs are quite short/stubby compared to the body, because of the friction joints and pistons (and, well, there's FOUR of them) this MOC is surprisingly pose-able.
However, I lack enough friction joints to retain stability in the arms, so they can prove difficult to pose. However, with proper care, it was possible.

Here's a few close-ups to show detail of the body parts:

Unintentional selfie on this last one...

Anyway, this is it.

Fingers still crossed smile


for your first large MOC i'd say you did well. one thing you could work on is making the colors more consistent.



I'm not sure what's going on, I can't even.


Half the time I don't even know what I'm looking at, and half the time I see a thing. It's a bit messy, but the overall design looks interesting, especially the head.


This moc is a Beast! I like the claws a lot. Great work.

it looks like one of the alien necromorphs from the end of dead space 3...

and I can't tell if that's a good thing or not...

looks alright, as your first big moc it's fine.

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It Does?


Oh yeah, it does...

It looks interesting, but from a picture-only perspective, and really can't understand what it is.

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A agree with the others. It looks extremely convoluted in many places. For future MOCs, I recommend trying to have a precise idea in your mind of what you want to build.

It's a death machine. I don't even care that it looks odd, because I think that adds to its terrifying appearance even more. People don't know what it is, and then suddenly, they're dead.

This is Marendar's evil cousin.

I have literally no don't know what this is, explain confusing.