Mocs by Tarnek


Moved to Lego creations --John Legomaster

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Neat and the coloured Rahkshi Head

It looks a little odd and could certainly use a revamp. I like the painted Rahkshi head and feel your MOC has loads of potential! It's a good start! :smile:

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Pretty neat. But the torso is quite awkward, and doesn't fit with his humanoid build. Maybe moving the head and adding some crap would make it look better. I recommend a giant cannon

The torso needs better shaping. It's a solid start, but the mid-section is disproportionate from the top half. I'd make the chest wider and that black mid-section thinner.

But that's about it. The head actually looks cool like that, like battle damage, and it's a shame the rest can't look as weathered!

Like the the others I agree the torso needs a bit more shaping, it's rather rectangular from the front. That aside this MOC is fantastic! I love the damaged Rahkshi head.