MOCs for Andromeda's Gates

So part of the reason why I didn't log into the boards for 3 months over the summer was Andromeda's Gates. This is a Role building game on Eurobricks. More info here

Now prepare for an onslaught of MOCs.
MCF Mark I

The Fly

A Dropship, Robot, and Gate

Land Vehicle without a Name

The Slaughter Mech

Drone Fight

Sub Orbital Detection Craft

High Speed Escape

Long Range Fighter

Desert Operations Mech

Asteroid Hunter

High Security Hat Stand


Cruiser Hangar

A Plain on an Alien Planet

Micro Kawashita Cruiser

My Character's Quarters

If you want to read the stories that go along with these builds check out all the builds under "Pangolinus" in this post. For more picture check out the folder on my Bricksafe


The MCF Mark I is a katana ship
called it

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You should be workin at Lego mang


[Insert scene of aliens from Toy Story being amazed]

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Thanks guys!