MOCs: Vahki officer///infantry unit A-10 and OCA6

first,the vahki

it can,of course,turn into it's spider mode

more pictures:


HAHA. painted parts! suffer,all of you!

a RF unit (kinda like a 'toa')on a continent called Exal not too far near Okoto,on which society has developed amazing technology and thus has cyborg warriors as protectors.,called the RF units.

OCA6 was one of them,but was kidnapped one day by attackers and had to stay locked in a room for 2 weeks only listening to a clock (tictoctictoc you get the thing),thus driving him insane. he later managed to escape,killing the people who captured him. nobody knows where he is now.

more pictures:


* notices the mixing of a Vorzakh's headpiece, a Bordakh's color-scheme, and a Nuurakh's staffs *
Ok then...

May I ask why we should be suffering?




It was a joke. it's just that most people on the boards seem to hate painted parts


the Vahki's not bad, but the torso looks a tiny bit messy, ans the legs are just taken straight from the standard Vahki.

The infantry's way too skinny for those huge shoulders, and the neck looks really weird. I hate the painted parts, but that's more of a personal preference. I don't like the tires on his legs and waist, but I think they could be fixed by just inverting them. The feet look like they don't hold him up very well, and I'd personally remove the friction joints and bring the legs that much closer to the torso.

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Unit A-10: Looks SWEET and AWESOME! Interesting build.

OCA6: Looks cool and the painted parts look fitting on him.

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@Calvatron once again,Thanks for the critique.

@RECspiriah Thanks!

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Oh man. That helmet. Oh God oh man...

Very nice.

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@helryx Problem? q:

Yeah thanks

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It's just so incredibly awesome I didn't know how else to respond.

Oh w0w. thanks again then!

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They're both quite well designed, and I like the custom parts.

The Vahki should \have a disk of time and the RF unit really needs black hips. stuck_out_tongue

@Garnira Thank you q:

You see, Ghosty is a skrub and doesn't have black waists.


prepare to die


No I am

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My work is done here.


Fite me

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Come at me skrub

ladies please, you're both beautiful



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