Mod Campaign Speech 2015

Toa Vuhii has been a fairly large member of the community for almost seven months now. Over that time he's gotten better at MOCing, failed at playing Mafia, and planned out secret projects that nobody but himself and a few select others know about. And now, he has a message for you.

Toa Vuhii will not be running for Moderator in 2015.

Lots of MOCists have run for mod in the past, and Vuhii wants to stand out as a member of the community who doesn't want to be an inspiring leader.

Make sure to not vote for Vuhii in 2015, folks!

This message has been brought to you by the Cliffhorse Crew


Now I'm torn between voting for you because you're awesome and not voting for you because you don't want the position. Hmm... :/


And I'm tempted to... OH GOSH I SLIPPED!


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u suck LJ - MT