Modeling kits

whether it’s for vehicles, mechs, or otherwise, these are kits where you can construct a model.

I myself am considering going outside of Gunpla/Gundam kits, though I question what type of kits I should go into


I really like Star Wars starship kits, they are fun to paint with all those nice details, I also want to get the DMK-01 Optimus Prime model kit from Takara. And those Halo Spartan kits are cool too. :smile:


if you want good quality smaller metal kits I would recommend METAL EARTH there are great quality in a small package also sprukits is a good thing for beginners I got the medium master chief its really good


I done Gunpla and Minipla.
They’re ridiculously overpriced over here, so I’ve been ordering them from Amazon lately.
7-11 sell Super Sentai mechs in boxes, these are called minipla. They’re fun, and we bought all of the Gekiranger line once.


Ever hear of Battle B-daman? They were marble-shooting Gundam guys that you put together. They recently got a reboot, whereinwhich they are pre-built.
It was like when Beyblade removed the thing where you built a top, and instead made it so you attach individual parts with less posability than the av-matoran and looked terrible.