Modern day RPG (Rp Topic)


Currently its morning or that’s the first thought that gets into your head after waking up from a rather pleasant sleep. However something that wasn’t to pleasant was the fact that you woke up realizing your roof is gone of course that is not the only annomaly glancing out through the now roofless room you’ll see a gigantic rift in the sky.

Bernard scratch his tired eyelids as he woke up soon after he realizied that his roof was gone and saw the rift concluding that it’s the source. He pinch his eyes trying to focus in on the rift. After staring at the rift for a few moments he decided to go down the stairs to the first floor…

Juliana wakes up to see the rift in the sky.

“Oh my goodness!” she exclaims and hops out of bed. She throws on some clothes and runs down the stairs.

Nearby a chair is trying to get Bernards attention, startled by the chairs sudden voice he wondered ix it was a dream. Either way the chair spoke, “Hello, mr, can you help me I was just minding my own business and then I was a chair. Please help or find me someone who can help.” It said. “I’m not sure if I know anyone with the skill to do that.” Bernard answered. “Then you do it, help me.” It pressed on Bernard face palmed, “How am I any help?” He said, the chair replied “You could probably close that rift it might help.” It’s tone was a mixture of bossy and grumpy. Without much choice in the matter Bernard walked out of his house.

Down stairs she would note that her parents seemed to be having a normal breakfast then their attention is turned to Juliana, “Juliana dear, why are you up so early?” Her mom asked.

“H-have you not looked outside?” She asked pensively.

“Are you feeling weel?” Her dad ask in vetween reading the pappers, “No, we haven’t is something wrong?” Her mom said.

Bernard walks towards the town square on his way he wonders about the cause of the calamity through out the town.

“Have you not seen the huge black and purple rift in the sky?”

“No dear, should we have seen it?” She asked as confused by her daughters sudden claims as before. Juliana might notice that this conversation isn’t goinh anywhere.

Bernard enters the town square, just to meet more strange abominations roaming the streets some appeared hostile and was attacking humans other was friendlier and lived in peace with the people of this town. It was perplexing indead Bernard thought.

“I guess not. Maybe it was just a dream.” She looks up at the clock and realizes what time it is. “I’ve got to go or I’ll be late for school!” She exclaims. She grabs a granola bar from the stack her brother had procured yesterday from a bargain food store, and bolted out the door. As she jogged to the school, she began to unwrap and eat the granola bar.

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She would find that the road she usually followed to school was no longer there instead a yellow brick road similar too the one found in the book about the Wirzad of Oz had taken it’s place. That however wasn’t the only anomalyy further down the road a small hunch backed green creature was standing with a club in it’s hand looking menaclingly over towards Juliana.

Bernard continued exploring the town square.

“What in the world is that?!” Juliana exclaimed and dropped her granola bar.

“Oh hey Julian-woah!” Craig says, coming out of his house and sees the beast. “Um? what the heck is that?” He asks her.

“I dunno!”

The Goblin screaches and runs towards them with his club raised high in the air ready to battle he approaches them and makes a swing at Caige and barely hits.

Caige is dealt 4 points of damage.

Caige and Julianas turn what do they do?

Caiges lv 1 hp: 16 - 4 = 12
Juliana lv 1 hp: 18

Goblin lv 1 hp: 20

Bernard continues past the square down an ally way.

Craig punches the monster, and Juliana throws her Granola bar.

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The goblin hisses as he gets hit by the Granola bar it does a measely 0 damage to the goblin. However by being distracted the goblin doesn’t notice Caiges punch and takes 2 points of damage.

The goblin enters defense mode, Caige and Julianas turn.

Juliana lv 1 hp 18
Caige lv 1 hp 12
Goblin lv 1 hp 20 - 0 - 2 = 18

“Hrm… he seems to be turtleing.” Craig remarks.

“What?” Juliana replies.

“Video game term. It means to hold back you strength and make it impossible to take you out.”

“We should tend that wound then, before it gets worse” She rips off a bit of her ■■■■■, and bandages Craig’s wound.

(She attemps to heal the damage)

Juliana succsesfuly heals 2 points of damage.

Meanwhile there distracted the Goblin makes a move and strikes down at Juliana with his club.

Due to her being unable to anticipate the attack he strikes her for 5 damage.

Caige lv 1 hp 12 + 2 = 14
Juliana lv 1 hp 18 - 5 =13
Goblin lv 1 hp 18

As Bernard enters the allyway he is confronted by a house cat the size of a lion. The cat scratches at him and makes a tear in Bernards clothes. Bernard takes 3 points of damage.

Bernard lv 1 hp 16 - 3 = 13
Cat lv 1 hp 20

“Juliana!” Cries Craig. In a rage Craig tries to jump on the Goblins back and attack it with his pencil.
Juliana staggers to her feet, and prepares herself for an attack.

Because of the goblins rather small form it feel over when caige tried to jump on top of it making the goblin take a whooping 8 damage. However caige doesn’t escape un harmed as he too falls to the ground and accidentally pokes the pen a little too hard on his head causing him to recieve 1 point of damage.

The goblin tries to get free from Caige who is untop if him. It’s Juliana and caige’s turn.

Bernard looks at the cat with dissmay but because he really doesn’t have anything to attack with he enters defensive mode.

The cat tried to attack again but Bernard were prepared and dodge the attack taking 0 points of damage.

A little blood dribbles from Craig’s head. “Ow!” he exclaims, but seeing that the goblin was still on the ground, he and Juliana gang up on it.

OOC: By the way, his name is Craig, not Caige.

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The goblin still tried to break lose and reach for his club which had fallen in front of him.

OOC: no prob.

Juliana Noticed and backed away form the Goblin and grabbed it’s club. Craig continued to punch the creature.