Modern day RPG (Rp Topic)

Unable to do anything against the punches the goblin takes 4 damage.

Juliana lv 1 hp 13
Craig lv 1 hp 14
Goblin lv 1 hp 18 - 4 = 14

Juliana picks up the club. "Get back!’ she tells Craig, who relents and puts up his fists in a defensive stance.

Julian tries to slam the club into the Goblin’s head.

The goblin has a hard time resisting and gets hit by the club it does another 5 damage however due to him being able to brake lose a bit he enters defend mode.

Juliana lv 1 hp 13
Craig lv 1 hp 13
Goblin lv 1 hp 14 - 5 = 9

Meanwhile at the allyway Bernard began thinking off a way to counter attack. And before long he finds a lose lid to a trash can and bonked it on the cats head. The cat took 3 points of damage but due to the vibration caused by the impact it was stunned.

Thusly Bernard thought to attack it again but he missed.

Cat lv 1 hp 20 - 3 = 17
Bernard lv 1 hp 13

They both fall back, and enter a defensive position, Juliana ready to counter attack with the club.

The goblin hisses and ponders his situation as he sees a brick in the road sitting lose so he runs over and tries to pick it up

Juliana tries and Craig try to rush him.

The goblin scurries over to the brick and flings it at them as they approach him. The brick hits Craig in the shoulder and he takes 4 points of damage.

Craig lv 1 hp 13 - 4 = 9
Juliana lv 1 hp 13
Goblin lv 1 hp 9

Craig yells in pain and falls back.

Juliana tries to hit the Goblin with the club.

The goblin flies to the side to the hit and take 5 damage it responds by entering defense mode.

Goblin lv 1 hp 9 - 5 = 4
Juliana lv1 hp 13
Craig lv 1 hp 9

“Are you alright!?” Julina exclaimed. She looked at the nasty gash in his shoulder. “That doesn’t look good.” she says, and rips off a piece of his ■■■■■ and bandages the wound.

Craig regains 3 points of damage. Meanwhile as he gets healed the goblin begins searching around again for weapons or things to throw.

Juliana runs up and tries to clonk it on the head again, and Craig looks for a weapon himself.

She succeds in doibg so and knocks the goblin out.
After a short while they would see the goblin poof out of exsistence.

Your party gains 15 exp
Juliana gains 4 exp
Craig gains 11 exp

“That was weird.” Says Craig, looking confused. “I wonder why the club hasn’t disappeared?”

“I don’t know, but we should get going.” Replies Juliana, and they continue on to school.

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As he said it that to disappered, on their way to school they would find a bipedal sheep walking towards them wearing a coat. The sheep seems recognizable to you he had similar clothing and traits of that classmate of theirs that who usually sells wrist bands and trading cards on the school ground. He walks up to the pair. “Yyyou… waaant to buy any waarres? Theeey aarre rrreeaally cheaap.” He says. Showing him the wares under his coat. There wasn’t any trading cards or wrist bands for sale but instead potions and spellbooks.

Meanwhile Bernard dodged another of the cats attacks and hits it ones again with the trash can lid as a counter attack. The cat takes another 4 points of damage

Cat lv 1 hp 17 - 4 = 13
Bernard lv 1 hp 13

“Hrm… I dunno.” Says Juliana doubtfully.

“What have you got, and do you take cash?” Asks Craig.

OOC: How much money do I have?

OOC: Pocket change or lunch money for each.

“Oh, yyyees bbbuut onnly thee grreen onees.” He said, he explained that you might have enough for a health potion or two or a beginners spellbook.

“How much for the Spell book?”

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OOC: sry for the delay haven’t been onlibe for sometie.

“Ddeeepeendss oonn whhich oonee. Mmaasters bbook is 40 buuckss, beegginneers is 10 buuckss.” He answers.

Bernard and the cat dodges each others blows.

“Hrm… I can afford to go hungry, I prefer not to die, so I’ll take the beginner spellbook.” He tells the odd little creature.