Modern day RPG (Rp Topic)

“Yeess here yyouu goo. Thhaat beee 10 bbuucks.” He said as he passed over the spell book.

“Thanks. Any tips on how to use it? Or do i have to pay for those too?”

“Ddooonn’tt knooww hoow ttoo mmaagic onnlly seell.” He replied.

“Alright. Thanks ram!” he says and walks back to Juliana.

“Well, let’s go.” He says, and they both continue on their way to school.

“Nnoo Prrooblem!” The sheep person said as Craig and Juliana left.

Bernard continues fighting the cat. The cat claws at Bernard making him take 3 points of damage. In return Bernard smacks the cat with the trash can lid doing 2 points of damage.

Bernard lv 1 hp 13 - 3 = 10
Cat lv 1 hp 13 - 2 = 11

Unless they got attacked by some other random critter, they would arrive at school.

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Nope no critters were too be found but no school either. Thou in the ground there were giant footprints leading south away from town and in the direction of town their were even more weird wackiness

“Well. That’s a problem.” states Craig.

“But! W-we could get arrested for truancy!” Exclaims Juliana.

“I’m pretty sure the school being destroyed counts as extenuating circumstances, I gues we should see what else has been destroyed.”

With that, they walk back into town, where the might see Bernard and the cat.

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They would find themselves in the town square and like most everything the wackiness had struck the square as well.

However they could probably hear and see commotion of a fight in an allyway a few meters further down the square.

“What is that noise?” Juliana asks, and they both turn down to the ally to see what the commotion was.

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As they approach a cat the size of a tiger jumps out of the allyway it seems to be dodging from something and barely hisses towards the approaching teens before charging in again. They would hear a someone a little older than them grunting in pain inside the allyway as a loud thud from what appeared to be a trash can lid escaped the ally. Out trecked a badly hurt Bernard falling over but no sign of the cat.

Bernard and Juliana race down the alley, Bernard with his magic book open.

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“Hello…“grunt”… I think I knocked it out.” Bernard said to the teens from behind as he tapped Craigs shoulder.

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