Modicius "The Newer" v. 2.0

Okay, like the last topic, this will be mostly pictures. Check out the original topic to get the story although the story may change with his new look

Gone is the old cluttered Modicius from before, and here is a slightly(?) less cluttered version that I am happier with. He retains his spear, but I retired his shield, thinking it did not fit his current look as well I can always add it back though

Let me know, do you think this version is better than the others? Did I finally add enough orange? Let me know what I could improve on, i'm always open to constructive criticism.

Thanks for reading!


Nice progress for sure :+1:
To me it looks slimmer than the previous version and there's really any criticism I can think of

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Thank you! Funnily enough, he's actually a tad bulkier than before with the new legs.

I see slimmer because of the torso. I think I need to clean my eyes then :eyes:

He looks really good, I love how the orange is placed.

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I LOVE tho colours. this in nice.

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The orange really pops out here. I like it. Good work.

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Definitely an all around improvement. I love the increased presence of the orange. However, I think I almost like the placement of the black Skrall armor on the torso better in the previous version. Other than that this is fantastic.

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Thank you all for the kind words! I'm glad I finally did the colors better.

@Rocka99 could you elaborate what you mean? There was never black skrall armor on the torso. Did you mean the arms? If that's the case then I may have to agree, but the arms really needed better coverage.

Sorry, I meant the black Skrall weapon/blade parts.

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Ahh. Ok, I understand that. I personally like them this way, as they give him a more armored look, to me at least. Because of the new armor next to them, they can't go too far out like they used to.

Oh, I see. That was just a minor thing, this really an amazing MOC.

looks nice :thumbsup: but the shoulders look to narrow (but that's just my opinion)

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