(Monochome MOC Contest) Onnuke the Torn

Onnuke is a robot who was built to guard his high rulers, but one day his programming was corrupted. After that he was torn into four personalities. He was meant to be destroyed, but was able to escape and live in isolation.
First Personalities: His first personalities is basically himself nothing to special.

Second Personality: His second personality is like his inner peace. He doesn’t fight or use any sort of weapons. He only meditates, yoga, and find his inner peace.

Third Personality: Onnuke’s third personalitiy is no longer a male, but a friendly and sassy female.

Fourth Personality: His last personality is pure anger. All he would like to do is to destroy and kill everything.

Here is the thing Onnuke knows he has multi-personalities, but his personalities don’t know that this isn’t they’re body and not real. Also he doesn’t know if he is real or not.

Hey, I hope you guys liked this. Also this is for a contest hosted by @Xing1870 . So that’s all see yeah.


In case anyone’s wondering, this is the competition.

Thanks for the entry!


The MOC looks overall pretty cool, though I don’t really like how exposed the back looks.

I hear you, I just couldn’t figure out how to conceal the back.

Im doomed.

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