(Monochrome MOC Contest) CODE B.L.U.E


this is my tallest moc to date, i first started him early 2016, the moc character is that he is an AI, artificial intelligence. his primary directive is to understand and study emotion, his other detectives are to help out the Toa Sphera as they battle evil in Sphera Nui and keeping the city organized. though he doesn't have any weaponry besides his enormous strength, he is able to de-attach his hands to become camera's to spy on suspicious activity on in the city. his three eye's can pick up different emotions, he is well liked in among the toa as he almost like an innocent child.
(this moc is an entry for the Monochrome moc contest)


Thank you for the entry! In case anyone's interested, the contest can be found here.

didnt xing say no previous mo cs or mocs that youve already started?

This looks good, but where's the Pain Helping And Nexus Timing Optimal Maximum a.k.a. P.H.A.N.T.O.M.?

Didn't see anything like that in the rules list.

The rules (and this is MB rules, not just this contest) say that you can't submit a MOC you've already posted as you enter it. An incomplete MOC that you finish for a contest is okay.


Oh, ok. I didnt know that.

Big ol b.l.u.e. and g.r.a.y. boi

heh this version makes me feel blue
this one is way better

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