Monopoly’s Thing (RP)

Ok bois

We did it

It is time


Igglepiggle looked around. The Pontipines amassing around him were in huge numbers. He bluntly swivelled on an axis of 180•. “General Makka-Pakka! It is time! Summon the Tombliboos!” All three tombliboos grabbed the control lever, and absolutely nothing happened. “Well darn then.” Said Igglepiggle.



Spencer and his gang were at the closest gym.

Deathmaster grunted. What else was he supposed to do?

If the lever was pulled, it’s possible all normal life on earth would be eliminated. Nobody cares, however. Especially not Deathmaster.

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Deathmaster would suddenly receive a text from Spencer.
“U kill’d my sis yet??? :muscle:

Hazagal sat on his cardboard throne, giving orders to his invisible henchmen.

"Gentlemen!“He shouted " I want a pillow!”

*no response *

“Dare you not listen to me??!?” He barked “I will have to Hazagalilze all of you then!!!”

*no response *


with that he went into town to get a new pillow

In his main base, in Temple Prime, near Sarajevo, Kane was plotting.

“Listen carefully my child.” he says quietly to one of his officers.

“There is a town, nearby, in it a small growth of blue Tiberium has sprung up in the city. Claim it”

The commander bowed, and left to mobilize the troops.

This town happened to be the same town that Hazagal went to, and if he noticed, he would see several armored vehicles approaching.

On the other side of the town, what appeared to be a giant teal armoured airship floated above the streets.

It was the Pinky Ponk, Igglepiggle’s personal transport.


The Inbound armor kept what anti-air weapons they had trained on the airship.

Attack bikes locked on their rockets.

Raider buggy machine gunners aimed their guns,

Venom Patrol craft changed their targets,

and who knows what else was involved in the assault prepared themselves.

A small speaker extended from the Pinky Ponk. “This is Commander Upsy-Daisy speaking. You are trespassing on General Igglepiggle’s land. Retract your weapons or we will fire on your vehicles. There are about 20 children aboard this ship.”
The Pontipine children nodded encouragingly.

Nothing would stop their zeal.

“In the Name of Kane! Kill them all!” Screamed an unnamed militant, who launched his rockets at the airship.

This triggered the rest of the assault.

Venom patrol craft began swarming the airship, firing thier lasers through the airship, which should shred it to pieces.

Attack bikes and raider buggies drove forward at high speed, firing their weapons at the airship as well.

On the ground, Flame tanks began making their way through the village at a decent clip, burning down buildings near them.

Following closely behind them were purifier warmechs. The tromped through the town, crushing cars and people alike, sending purifying flames across the town.

The Pinky Ponk was in flames. The Pontipine gunners were jumping out by parachute, but commander Upsy-Daisy was trapped in the cockpit. “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” She yelled, as the Pinky Ponk crashed into a pillow shop and exploded in a fiery inferno.

Inside the Pillow shop, there would be some strange blue, crystals

Pinky Ponk would most likely begin to feel sick.

Outside, Brotherhood forces had overrun the town.

Subterranean APC’s erupted from the ground, and deployed large quantities of Brotherhood infantry, among them Brother Zacharias.

“Oh my pushegal, so many things around here!!!” Hazagal exclaimed. With that he hazagalized a nearby building, which with an explosion it transformed into a giant pillow!

From a corner, Brother Zacharias appeared.

“Hey, You!” he yells, “Stop in the name of Kane!”


“Excuse me?” he said, loudly.

"I said-


He screamed so he can make himself clear

The Confessor did not noticeably flinch.

“Fine, just stay where I can see you, and don’t move. This town is under the jurisdiction of the Brotherhood.”

“So what?” he asked “What can stop me from doing my pillowy work?”

“Our Tiberium harvesting operations. That pillow shop happens to be full of valuable blue Tiberium. That, and the shop just had an airship dropped on it” he explained.