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Ok, so I’m already having way to much fun doing whatever I want in cataclysm, and that got me thinking…
what if there was an RPG…

with no rules?

RP Topic:

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never liked rpgs that have some kind of story that everything has to happen around, so complete freedom here.

As for rules…

  1. No long winded arguments between players. As the GM this is the only thing I’ll get involved with.
  2. I don’t want anyone controlling the “story” because there isn’t meant to be one.

And… that’s it.

I don’t mind if you make op characters, or if you use characters from other media, I really don’t care. The story can be whatever you make it, create whole civilisations if you want.

And as the Gamemaster I will do absolutely nothing. To you I’ll probably just be another player.

So, character sheet.

Powers (if any):


Name: Igglepiggle
Gender: Male
Powers: Igglepiggle can use his blanket as an indestructible shield, and create earthquakes using the rattles in his feet.

also this is my character


We’re done

I’m just gonna put @Ghid here because he loved the Scrapper thing


Ok so I decided people can have armies as well now, to expand greatness

i have claimed the pontipine armada


Hope this will last for a good while

Name: Hazagal
Gender: Male
Powers: He can summon any kind of chocolate he wants, if he’s hungry (it’s a power, right?), He can also infect a person with hazagality, which transforms them into crazy pillows

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crazy pillows are accepted yay

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SMARP 2, anyone? :stuck_out_tongue:

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…You’re actually going all the way. You know you’re mad, right?

Well, if you’re going drunk on power, I might as well go all the way, too.

Name: Deathmaster
Gender: Male
Powers: He is immune to any effects by others, nuclear radiation, or any non-physical force that attempts to harm him. He can effortlessly smack people across continents and crack planets in half with ease. Emotionless and cruel, he is on the hunt for someone called “Mary Sue”.

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Name: Mary Sue

Gender: whatever she I mean he I mean them I mean it wants.

Powers: Mary Sue wears a special suit of armor known as “Plot armor”. It defies all known laws of physics and good writing, being only about 1-inch-thick yet able to stand blasts from Death Stars.
That and ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ is liked by everyone. Except for Deathmaster who she still has a crush on despite him trying to hunt her down across the universe.



I’m probably not even going to play this character. It’s public domain to anyone who wants to control it

this is an interesting idea

I will watch this and see if it actually is worth joining or if it just becomes a joke

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You have all been acceptation



Alright now all of you listen up

Read the edit on the main post

It is time for militarism


For Christ’s sake McToran I wanted to use it that joke character concept!

Like I said it’s public domain so anyone can control it

Name: Spencer Draven
Gender: Male, duh. Best gender ever.
Powers: Spencer is Mary Sue’s complete, 100% opposite brother. He doesn’t need her puny plot armour. He has a better one: toxic masculinity. It also defies all known laws of physics and character consistency, being made out of iron muscles and able to stand Jesus’ second coming.
That and he is considered extremely hot by everyone (because he is extremely hot). Except for maybe Deathmaster, but even then he is cool with him for trying to kill his sister.


you have acception

Happiness noises
When will it start?

As soon as there are 5 people.

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Name: Kane
Gender: Male
Powers: no more than the average human, besides extrodinary brain power, and an uncanny ability to dodge death. (Like being in temple prime while it gets blasted by an orbital Ion Cannon). He DOES however, lead the Brotherhood of NOD and as such, has legions of fanatically loyal followers. At one point, the brotherhood controlled 2/3 of the globe.


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Acceptation has approached you

It is time

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It’s time for some mansplaining

Spencer will end up like every heretic that ever opposed Kane.

Kane will have problems taking his eyes off of Spencer’s iron abs.

That… really didn’t sounded appropriate. I’m sorry.

Kane is not one to be distracted by superficial factors.