While watching depressing anime I built a thing.

Scale with a mata build.


Ah very interesting moc. Good job on making both sides almost identical piece-wise, and the head looks cool. Nicely done moc

Yeah the head was the hardest part; I wanted the standard ball joint but it also needed the half look. The only reason I have that rubber band is to hold the mask on for the black half.

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this looks really cool!

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That split color scheme is on point

That was one thing I had to get right esspecially since like my dark rulers sloth I dont plan on creating a full working display for him or any more monotoa.


sad a whole team would be awesome (halo reach feel)


Why does it remind me of a Manutri

I love the use of the Huna for the head. Although… he’s too cute, I can bearly imagine him as a Toa.

Well, someone had to.

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Now that I think of it maybe monokuta would’ve been a better name

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Why do I not know this reference??