Monster hunter topic

Hello everybody that care's. I'm making this monster hunter topic for people to talk about well monster hunter. I don't really have much else to say on this so I'll ask a question what monster is your favorite to fight?

My favorite monster to fight is the Agnaktor from 3 Ultimate. I also really enjoyed it's armor when i first started playing.

there's already a monster hunter topic im afraid


well, lets call in the mods

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Why don't you just flag it? I did.


I just did. The topic not your post by the way. Also I could just invite a mod here. And thanks prpldragon.

Well there's already a topic for this that I didn't find even though I search for it. So yes well just go to that real small topic.

Like others have said, this topic already exists here:

As such, I'm going to close this down

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