Month of Fire, Tahu: Master of Infernos

Tahu The Master of Infernos

Made with very limited amount of parts and a terrible camera and stop motion skills, I introduce Tahu! This is what a real $ 20 set should be.

And just to please Eljay I specially included red axles on red parts and black axles on black parts. How exciting! I also tried to incorporate the yellow gear into his color scheme as well.


Tahu Normal Form

Tahu Energy Activated



I made the back armor gearbox too high on accident. It should be attached the same height that normal Tahu has: Here

Also dual wielding!


Looks quite impressive and grandiose with all that armor and blades on his back.

Nice job.


Thank you very much. It’s actually based on a self moc of mine.


I added some more pictures to the main post :smiley:

From what i see this is a very cool moc and i like how the gold blades form some wing like extremitees. Th color scheme seems consistent and the only problems i can see is that there is a silver piece of armor the kinda breaks the color scheme and the lack of a capable picture i would also like to see this oc with the golden mask of fire

It doesn’t really break the color scheme seeing that there is enough silver making it an accent color. Tomorrow I will upload a pic of him with the gold mask. I have to sleep. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can imagine Lego doing something similar to this for one of Tahu’s future forms

Wow, nice! :smile:

True. But this is worth 20 dollars unlike Tahu.

Thank you good sir!


It looks cluttered and inconsistent with the color scheme, but those are only the bad things about it.

Nice job on this MOC!


It is sortof cluttered.


I love the weapon! :smile:

Thanks! Designed it myself.

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