Moonlight And Sunlight


She has pose-ability

Here's a picture of her back

She's based off of the moon, if you didn't get the memo

Here's her opposite,


Here's a pic of his back

Again, like in the name he's based off of the sun

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Moonlight is really cool, I like the use of the Mask of Shadows as the chest, and the skull shoulders are awesome.

As for Sunlight, I really like the gold wing things, though he seems a tad bit short.

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Your right, Sunlight is short; I should of made him taller

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I don't think you needed to include the sun and moon pics, but that's beside the point.

These are pretty nice. Moonlight is the best of the two, even though she is very similar to Roodaka.

I had no idea what the sun looked like until now. thanks man
My stupid sarcasm aside, they both look good, but not similar enough to be two of a kind if you get what I mean by that.


I feel like they both had some really good ideas behind them, but they weren't executed very well. Moonlight, which is my favorite of the two, is a bit skeletal, and Sunlight's back is a bit empty. Overall, its a decent moc. 7/10

I like the concept and the wings on Sunlight. The mask on him, while cliche, fits the theme.

Moonlight looks like an awkward Roodaka. Maybe make a better torso and find something to fit the moon theme better, a black and white color scheme didn't do it for me.

I got to admit Moonlight and Sunlight look pretty great.
The translucent Avohkii on Sunlight though looks out of place.

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