Möram - Lord of the Desert - concept 2

Hope you like it…


I do like it.

Much tan…


An interesting drawing. I noticed that it looks liked he’s holding onto the blade of his sword. Is that on purpose?

It’s not the blade, it’s just such a small drawing that it was hard to draw the difference.

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I like this. It’s very minimalistic, but that gives it sort if a surreal appearance. The choice of colors is good too. Nice job!

Nice job! I like the sweeping effect created by the series of line near his legs.

@Stoax @SmeatyFlavor Thanks!

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This looks really good overall, I’m not exactly sure how I feel about the paintbrush vent thing on his back.

That’s ok, I’m still working on what they’re actually meant to be, but thanks anyway!

Does he have legs?

He’s kinda disappearing/appearing in the sand…

oh wow. Nice effect