Mordul, Iron Master

Just made this bulky MOC,who claims himself as the Iron Master

Mordul is a member of the LoS (League of Shadow) founded by Nimrack. Very strong, he smashes everything around with his weird weapon…
He is responsible for the death of many matoran, he killed cruely…


This is great, except I don’t know if I like the ccbs body armor piece attached to his lower torso. Its really throwing me off. Maybe you could replace it witn something else.

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Thanks, I’ll try and see

That groin armor is terrible

Is it better?

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He may be bulky, but not necessarily good.

The upper torso and arms are fine, but the legs and crotch are awful. Especially the legs. They look so flat compared to the heavily detailed upper torso. The lower legs using KKII leg armour look off, maybe it’s the lighter shade of silver.

Just change the legs, and it’ll look fine.

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I’'l try

I like the weapon shape, but it looks a little strangely built. A fine MOC in all!

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