More goofs

Very simplistic stuff, but im trying to pay attention to making my designs more smooth and color blocked. So you could call these a moccing exercise.

this is a ghost pirate - Captain Aubéry and his companion Seth Balmore.

aaand this is just a mechanical ape.


That last one looks like something DJokson would make. They both look goofy and fun.

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That is not a gorilla, I don’t know what it is.

Seth Balmore is one rockin dude

Both are interesting, especially Lanky Kong there :stuck_out_tongue:

Not as interesting from the previous group, but they still have their niche.

Captain Aubéry:
Not liking how the upper leg looks and im not too sure about the goopey apperance-
Also, does Seth Balmore have 3 faces?

Mechanical Ape:
The odd proportion is excusable on this, I like how the mask and 2.0 head fuse together well.

yup, it’s goofy! like it!