more like toon stink amirite

nothing to see here, move along


I actually quite like it.

can you change the eyes to white with a black disc piece ontop because the eyes look really dead right now.

I like how you did the hair. pretty difficult with those pieces but you made it work.


Aren’t his eyes generally more shaped like an oval?


Yeah, and they’re white, not black.

That being said, this is a good MOC. I like that you tried to include the Wind Waker.

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That’s uh… Exactly what they are, white with a black disc piece on top. I guess the angle isn’t good enough for it.

It’s, odd, link looks like he’s been smoking some deku leaf, and it’s really blocky.

Its got some potential but its mostly lost due to the blockiness and dead look.

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The arms look a bit peculiar, but everything else looks very nice.

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dang how was the hair done, its really sweet.

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