More results from the Bat Creation Service

Behold, two more bats created through the brand new Bat Creation Service™!

Cola by @DuneToa

Fishstick by @Hawkflight

My clients have provided very positive feedback on their experience

create your own bat today for completely free

benefits include

  • you get a bat character without having to build or draw anything
  • you gain the respect of the bat brigade
  • you can annoy ghid with pictures of anthropomorphised bats

Can you make Cappuccino with blacksmith gear?

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that’s not how the service works

Out of curiosity, how does the service work?

Oh hey, more customers happened. My totally-not-bribed advertising worked. =P

Fishstick is adorable.


For once a bat that’s not thicc

Via PM, you will be provided with a series of multiple choice questions relating to different attributes of your bat. Once all the factors are determined, I’ll draw you a picture of them.

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Excellent. I’ll likely have to take you up on this service sometime.