Morgue Xanhatoth, Hartred's cleave

So I figured I’d update on older guy.

The moc:


So this guy might look familiar. This is actually an updated version of another moc I posted here awhile back that I called “The Fear Reaper”, personally I like this name a bit better.

New additions/updates:

The head:

The head wasn’t the first thing I changed but is the most noticeable and fits my vision of the character much more than the Rakshi head did. I emagine this character as a massive titan looming over an intense battlefield while soldiers on horseback try in vain to bring the colossus down as its silhouette blocks out the sun with only its expressionless red eye beaming down on its victims. A bit overdramatic sure but at least it’s better than just a boring Rakshi head.oh, I still used the Rakshi head anyway.

The arms and hands:

While it may not look it, the arms have actually been shortened as requested by @Hawkflight and @Sonus. Shortening them really only required the removal of some parts and some rebuilding here and there but while I was hesitant to do it at first I think it turned out ok. The hands on the other hand (pun intended) are more of a stand in really. As before I stated that I wanted something similar to the Toa Mata Nui set from 09 but right now this is better that the normal Glatorian stile hands, and while it looks good in some poses it looks kinda goofy when in just a neutral pose and it makes useing the weapons a bit harder. Goodbye dual swords.

The waist:

The Entire design of the waist has been changed. It’s now more stable and more possible. That’s basically it.

Lore and story

If you’ve checked out mu last moc, Asmond, than you might recognize the name. The [quote=“ELE109, post:1, topic:26686”]
warlock’s draw their power from ancient unspeakable horrors that wait just beyond the endless void.
[/quote] has a lot to do with this guy. He and his fellow compatriots are what is known as Forbidden Gods. To sum it up Forbidden gods are entities that exist outside of the multiverse in there own little pocket dimension called The Old Universe. Long story short there stuck there. Warlocks can make contact with lesser Forbidden gods and more experienced warlocks can Make lifelong pacts with greater Forbidden Gods. For example Asmond make a pact with Xanhatoth for incredible demonic power in exchange for “a hefty price”.


Morgue Xanhatoth is a dangerous fellow. Violent, ruthless, intimating, and the strength cleave mountains into canyons (exaggerating of course), the only thing to ever stop his onslaught was the eventual passing of time. Even to this day his remains are used in shady rituals behind closed doors.
Eventually judgment day will arrive and the Former Gods will return, and all will be swallowed into the collapsing void.

Anyway that’s basically it. I’m trying to keep the story vague and explain more of it in bits and pieces as a show of more mocs and maybe do more writing like what I did with Asmond.
Other than that I’d love to hear what everyone has to say about the moc. I feel that this is a much needed improvement over the last version and I’d love to hear criticism and other people’s opinions about this new rendition!

Link to old version: The Fear Reaper - #18 by TravelerViridi


Not a big fan of the legs. They don’t fit the smooth texture of the rest of the MOC and the feet look borderline unfinished. The rest of the MOC looks great, though.

Personally, I find that tires like that rarely, if ever, look good. Even on a MOC of this size. The hand, they work, and fit the character so I wouldn’t necessarily make changing them a priority. The whole build is pretty messy at the moment. I’d suggest simplifying some of the designs and definitely smoothing out the legs more.

It’s got potential though, for sure.

The build have potential, but need some work.

He needs to get those fingernails looked at.