Morth Spleeth (Cult of Nence)

The mysterious Cult of Nence has dispatched an agent called Spleeth with unkown motives. Little is known, less understood.

The acquisition…

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Spleeth is quite strange and interesting. Well done to you mr sir. I must recommend a most exquisite lehvak-kal. Excellent at melting wood with illegal chemicals.

This is really interesting, and kinda creepy TBH. Well done!

Please get more solid backgrounds. I can barely tell what’s going on with he moc.

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Scary and really cool. Is the guy blind or something? That tire makes me feel so.

@SonicBionicleMaster the pictures have been harder to take with just about evey moc. definitely gonna make a better set up once I have space. I’m gonna put up some higher quality pics on Flickr sometime soon

@Toa_Radrix a type of blind, I suppose.

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Anyway, great head design.