Most Memorable Part of G2

Even though G2 was short lived, there are many things that be remembered for many years and some that most forget about. What will be the most memorable part for you?


Honestly probably the animation memes


Probably September 19th 2014 and all the online hype during the next few months


Does anyone feel that people like the Skull villain only because their "Spooky Scary Skeleton"?

The most memorable part is the community, theirs not alot, but people like Stippling appeared out of no-were.


Its cancelation


In Journey to One, when Gali listed the three virtues.

I legitimately got shivers...


Definitely the leaks and when the Legend came out. I was hyped. Too bad they screwed it up.


This TTV video and this podcast , because not only were they the start to an awesome leak season, which I would probably consider the best few months of my life, but they were also uploaded the day that I discovered TTV

All those Master Of videos that spawned after TheIdsStudios uploaded that Kopaka video.


Either NYCC 2014 or the first leak.

"I didn't slip" - Kopaka 2015
"I am thu mastah of fiyaaaah!!!!" - Tahu 2015
"Blah blah blah 'The Shadow Realm'... yes, the 'Shadow Realm'" - Ekimu 2016


Either The Legend or the final couple episodes of the 2015 animations. You know, where Kulta smashes the snot out of all the Toa.

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Gali "dying" took me by surprise honestly

For me it was when the very first images came out because I knew that my favorite Lego theme might be making a return


"Today, I will take my rightful place among the gods."
"Here, there is only shadow: shadow, I command!"

Bionicle: The Legend, and its reveal of two more legendary masks: The Mask of Cintrol and the Mask of Ultimate power

Seeing the mask of Ultimate Power (and the cool "emperor" Makuta MOC) in the Makuta building challenge video, then getting my hopes and dreams crushed.

Watching the "Downfall" Hitler parodies in which Hitler reacts to Gen 2's cancellation.


16 years from now, when I think of G2, I will remember the awesome Makuta set, the epic excitement and plot revelations in the third Graphic Novel, the character development that each of the Toa got (especially Gali), that time in JtO's second season when things got interesting, how awesome the 2017 Toa sets were, and most importantly, the story-changing plot twist at the end. This is the undying legacy of G2, and these things will not be soon forgotten. They will live on in our hearts for all time.



I would say the sets will be memorable at least for me, since overall I thought they were pretty great.

However, as some others have pointed out, the leaks, the hype train, the announcement and the Legend animation was all great too and I will certainly remember the range of emotions during that time.

It's also almost as memorable as the cancellation and when the hype train crashed and burn.


Most memorable things to me are:
2014-2015 hype period / leak season, because it was the first time in few years when we got something rolling with Bionicle again.
2015 animation shorts. I just love the style, I love the atmosphere, the music. It feel very comfortable everytime watching these cartoons. It gave me an Okoto feel, if you will. In 2016 there is no such atmosphere to me, it's just bland. JTO is more advanced then animation shorts, obviously, but bland.

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Because of this, my favorite pastime in 2015 was chucking bonkles down stairs. :stuck_out_tongue:


Buying the sets and building them.