Most popular retired themes from Second Hand

I could nor find anyone else who made this topic before, so here we go:

I was curios… What other sets do you buy from Ebay/Bricklink other than Bionicle that are retired?
Obviously Bionicle is the most wanted retired theme that you would always search on Ebay for new good deals. But what other themes like this do you always search on Ebay?
Other then Bionicle, I often look for Hero Factory and Racers most often. I have not bought any Racers sets yet, but I am always looking for good deals that can pop up at any time.
So, what other themes do you buy second hand other then Bionicle?

I suppose hero factory, maybe mixels.
I haven’t really bought any retired sets, mostly because they get so expensive on Amazon. I usually order from there.

This easily fits into the where do you buy your Lego topic.-Prentice1215

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