Most useful Torso piece?

Quick question, what Torso pieces (not waist pieces, but main chest pieces) Do you use the most and find the most useful?

for me, it is this.

Seeing as I make mainly custom MOCs, this is a pretty useful piece, My latest MOC uses three. I use it for backpacks, waists, main torso beams.


You pretty much nailed it with this one, and since there are no waists I can’t say the Vahki waist.


To me, I’d say I find the Inika torso piece. I’m just able to make so many custom designs with them. Or, if I want a thinner MOC, the Hordika torso piece is my go-to.


I’d Have to agree with you! the Mini CCBS chest is Quite Useful and is the best for mocing!

Would this count?

Because it’s super useful


That is an incredibly useful piece for CCBS.


I know, I only had one, but then I got the beasts and now I have like 4, there really udeful pieces

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Probably the “titan-size” HF torso piece, if I’m not custom making the torso.

imo the most useful vanilla torso piece is the one @Umarak pointed out, i just prefer building my base of my torso’s out of technic

While I really like to use the 2016 swivel torso, the one that is in Quake Beast is also a very useful piece, but I find it best to make custom torsos regardless.

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I’d say you nailed it.

Well, I know it’s not a full torso, but the vahki hip parts are great.

those, and the small CCBS torso.

The Mata torso piece. /s

Really any of the new torso pieces. There’s not really much competition when it comes to the swivel torso or the Star Wars torso.


The swivel torso for one, though I’ve also found the Metru torso useful.

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Well, the piece I use the most is the Phantoka torso piece, but for CCBS (system that I don’t like!) I use the average-sized torso piece!

Either the QB torso, swivel torso, or Vahki waist(though having used it more often, I’m inclined to give it to the latter).

The inika one.

Bohrok Torso pieces. Much useful. Many Combine. /s

Idk yeah, probably that one you pointed out.


Usually, I always go for custom torsos, and so I only use Metru/Vahki hips.

But the Protector torso is extremely useful.

The SW torso would be really useful, but my SW CCBS sets haven’t hit the scrap pile yet.



Vahki waists in my opinion.

Then again I am biased.