Motion Play: Reviews of Animated Lego!

OK, here this topic deserves a special note. When I first came up with the idea I proposed it to the TTV channel as an animated review show for their channel. However, as time passed I found the writing easy and animating very hard, not only because I was facing issues with being a disciplined artist but also because I just wasn't skilled or experienced to create a project that big.

After hitting my head against a wall for so long, I told TTV that I couldn't make the show. However, I didn't want to see the material go to waste. Therefore I opted to make it a podcast instead! Click the links to listen to them on soundcloud. Be sure to leave comments below and they might be featured on a future episode!

Episode 1 on Soundcloud


Interesting to be sure.

I myself will certainly be keeping tabs on this concerning future installments.

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Agreed that Gali needs a girl's voice, or the the voice actor to try to make Gali sound like a girl.

not trying to be that guy but shouldn't this be in promotions and advertisements?

I don't know? But it's a mistake on my part if that's the case.

You studied animation? That's cool. Do you recommend going to school for it?

There is a lot you can learn online, but going to school doesn't hurt. The advice I've heard is that the people who get jobs in this industry need both a strong portfolio and good networking with other people who are already in.

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I don't think so, considering this is the content itself, not an ad for a channel or project or a recruitment thing or the like.

So far as I know, this is fine.

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ok cool just making sure

Idk how I didn't see you around here before! Anyway, I enjoyed this quite a bit. Can't wait until the next.

I don't know either! Glad you liked the podcast though! I already have some material for the next episode, but I still need to edit it to work for a podcast rather than the show it was at the time I wrote it.