Movies Where the Hype was the Best Part

Ever remember getting so excited for a movie that you still get chills watching the trailers or remembering the days before it came out, regardless of how good it actually was as a film?
For me, movies like this would include:
Dawn of Justice
The Battle of Five Armies
The Force Awakens
Justice League
Age of Ultron
Civil War
Infinity War
Some of those (you can probably guess which) actually managed to live up to the hype, but I still find myself going back to watch trailers for them all. What are yours?

Infinity War and Bumblebee are the only ones that come into my mind right now.
I mean, I am still watching the opening scene of Bee, and I am barely stopping myself from making a hype crisis.


Every Marvel movie ever.

And, in my eyes, every Star Wars movie.


Pacific Rim 2 seemed like it had so much promise and I was pretty excited to hear it was back

Then I went and watched it, and a little part of me died


The Last Jedi… Nothing else comes to mind now.

All the Michael Bay Transformers movies, for sure. Pacific Rim 2 most definitely.
Age of Ultron and Batman vs Superman also got me way too hyped for the payoff.


Pacific Rim had amazing hype in the trailers, and an epic payoff.

Same here I thought it was going to be a great movie but I ended up hating it.

The original pacific rim was great, but the sequel wasn’t nearly as good.

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Bionicle Revolution.

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The Last Jedi, Pacific Rim 2, Batman v Superman.


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It doesnt necessarily mean it was a bad movie to be posted here, just that the hype was one of the best parts

Oh, wait. I forgot. Silly me. Sorry.

Justice League maybe?..

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The last Jedi.
And probably rise of Skywalker, too. even though that’s not out yet.

What hype, though

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The little that exists.

I mean, in all honesty, this trilogy hasn’t been great.
The hype is, but then everybody just got so disappointed.

Endgame, there was like twice the hype than there was for Infinity War I found, my dad cared!

But the movie was twice as good as the hype leading up to it