Movilox the Dark Hunter

Another from my “no longer built mocs archive” I thought this was one of the best I had bult… back in 09, the entire thought process behind this was ‘GIVE IT ARM CANNONS’

These pictures came out smaller then I thought.


“Where’s Matoro?” “Oh, he just came back from the gym!” :stuck_out_tongue:

But this looks pretty cool! It’s kinda hard to see with how small the pictures are, though!


yea that was not planed, though opening the picture (yes it’s only one) in anew tab and zooming works.

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Looks a little weird to be honest. My favorite part would be his lower legs, the rest not so much.

Yea this was back when I just cobbled parts together (moreso then usual) so not everything matches up, still thought I’d show it off.