MRL- Oracle

Yet another mecha built for the Mecha Racing League group over on Flickr. This is continuing my foray into the world of primarily system building. This one is built around the concept of future prediction through surveillance. Say hello to Oracle:
MRL - Oracle
MRL - Oracle, Side
The Oracle can deploy drones to get an extended view of the track during a race, and its pilot’s cybernetic eye can calculate the best path.
MRL - Oracle, 4Sight
MRL - Oracle, 4Sight
Also, It fits a pilot, so that’s pretty cool.
MRL - Oracle, Back
MRL - Oracle, Cockpit
Yeah, so that’s about it. As always, suggestions for improvements or general comments are appreciated. For more pictures and information about this mech, check out the full album here: MRL - Oracle | Flickr
MRL - Oracle


I drool over these kinds of builds.


You never cease to amaze me MSEP

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Ok, this is pretty rad
Sees back
I. Love. This.
Back opens
Oh meh Gerd this is spectacular!!!

Awesome! I love the swept back look those panels give the mech, that and the color scheme.

Tho s is great.

This looks so awesome!
It’s so smooth, that it hardly even looks Lego!

Wow definitely has that Gundam look and I like that a lot. Great work!!

Woooöw. This is unbelievable.

Whoa. Very Gundam, nice job!

-Clear Photos.
-Neat colors.
-Good blend of system with technic
-A cohesive look.
-Filled out enough.
-Articulate fingers
-Unnoticeable pilot area.
-Fricking Drones.

-Umm. Back of the legs look a little sparse I guess.