MS mocs

Hello again, for like the 1,000th time
So, recently I’ve been trying to construct mocs with mixle pieces instead of my usual CCBS mocs, and I think I did pretty well with my first two tries. Please leave any suggestions as I still need to learn more building techniques, thanks.

I’m starting to find an interest in Mobile Suit/robots lately, probably because I’m watching Gundam Unicorn and rewatching IBO

But here they are
The 1st model, X-5c9 Excalibur


2nd model, Q7-r3 Tank not a generic name

I couldn’t find any other green pieces in the pick-a-brick wall so don’t judge :stuck_out_tongue:

Group shot

Please leave a suggestion unless if it’s about the pick-a-brick pieces
Thanks for viewing C&C is always accepted
Hoped You Enjoyed!


I’d like to make a few of these for myself.

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These little guys are pretty cute. They look like a Mixels style set you would see in stores. I would love to see these as actual sets.

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SorrySorry for the delay, I’ve been busy lately

X-5c9, Excalibur

Q7-r3, Tank

Here’s another shot but with a preview oof other ones

Thanks, maybe on lego ideas?

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