Mung Gar & Sniv (Stellar Fugitives)

When a breeding mishap is discovered, the beast Mung Gar and his creator Sniv must go on the run. Pursued by his fellow droogs, Sniv evades capture all the while studying his strange companion.

For more pics, follow:


this MOC is otherworldly, i like it

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Gosh I love your mocs soo much. They’re so unorthodox, and look like stuff I’ve really never seen before. Keep up the amazing work.

I like the head design, it’s pretty creative for the parts it has, great style.

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glad you like them man, I appreciate it.

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Great use of the rackshi heads

That beast is incredible,those eyes look quite funny but mixing them with that mouth makes it monstrous! And that’s a nice cloth. Definetly fantastic.

thanks man. they’re based off an older moc from a few years back, i think i was actually able to make the characters i wanted here. that coat came from a Thing action figure

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I am a fan! The beast looks pretty unique and powerful. Why does the rider shrink in the last few photos?

he’s on stilts when he’s wearing the coat to look taller. but his actual body is shorter.


Haha got it! :+1:

I thought Sniv was going to be a little guy on another little guy’s shoulders. You made a good choice with the legs. I also never have seen bohrok teeth used as a face. Nice work

Mung Gar is, where do I begin? He looks like some kind of robotic pile of junk, as if the All Spark fell into a scrapyard. I say that in the most endearing way I can. He has a unique look that’s entirely his own.
I’m very impressed

I did briefly consider making him two little guys on top each other’s shoulders. but the trench coat isn’t long enough and the character just works better on stilts.

I wish i was able to capture how posable Mung Gar is. it’s hard to tell in these pictures but his shoulders are actually articulated which lets him get in some pretty good poses.

Very creative.

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This is one of the most unique looking MOCs I’ve seen in a while! Nice work.