Muram - Frost mage

A completely unplanned MOC, with the idea of building around the protector mask…
The limbs are very rushed though…


Very much reminds me of a g2 Strakk.


The head looks good, but the upper arms and legs definitely need something to cover them up (I know the limbs were rushed)

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nice head. The guy looks frosty and cool. I actually like the aesthetic, though I guess the upper arms and thighs are a little on the thin side

I actually quite like how spindly he looks

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@Middlefingerstudios @SwagMeister @JMP @BioKnight Thanks!

Legs seem flimsy, anything else: Good job!

Awesome MOC. My least favorite part is the elongated torso. But that’s a mild nitpick.

looks really good, but the torso kinda bothers me

and he kinda looks like Strakk

Very tribal.

I think that the mouth piece makes it look a bit like a Bionicle version of bane. also the moc’s pretty cool.

the unique shaping is super cool, but I can’t help but feel the solidity is undermined by the black and light grey components.

I like the head.

I got to say this looks great.
Though the torso looks skinny.