Music Associated With Bionicle

Has anyone else thought of bionicle whenever they listened to Linkin Park this is mostly because as a young child I listened to them a lot so I'm curious as to if you've all had this experience. Also heres a link to Hybrid Theory


I know what you mean. Back in 09 I would watch BIONICLE music vids that had linkin park in them. After awhile BIONICLE and Linkin Park became strangely synonyms with each other. Buuuut its 2015 and the only thing I think of when I hear "Linkin Park" is teen angst and bad music.


For me it was always Three Days Grace I associated with the Bionicle Vids of the Golden Age of Biotube.

But there were a few that were often in Biotube videos. I remember New Divide was big when ROTF came out, and uh, before that it was What I've Done and In the End, IIRC.

But yeah, these days...

and Razer. I also think of Razer when I think of Linkin Park.


This isn't really Linkin Park, but I do closely associate Millenium Slizer with this song due to playing with the latter quite a bit while that song was playing on the living room stereo, back in 2001. Then in 2007, I took a long road trip with a family member, who played the Battlestar Galactica soundtrack; I thus associate the Barraki rather closely with these three songs.

Also, I renamed and moved the topic to allow for more general discussion.

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Thanks guys for the contributions