So I know its a little strange, but I have a confession, I do theatre, including musicals, so what are your favorite songs/shows and why?


One word: Hamilton

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Well, while it by no means appropriate for the boards (religion is discussed), I loved the humor and wit of the book of mormon. I like watching musicals, I love acting, but I hate being in musicals.
Holy musical B@man, while unofficial and rather inappropriate, is really funny if you like batman and satire.
Hedwig and the angry inch is not a normal musical (it's like a concert performed by the main actor as they tells the audience about their long, sad story in a rather funny way) but I really like it.

Umm... I have a feeling I am about to get destroyed for saying this. But I really enjoyed Mamma Mia! Yeah... I am going to to walk away now.

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I've actually been doing theater in high school for my entire four years, and will be joining the Drama Club at my college next semester

In those four years, I was in three musicals

I played Merlin in Camelot, I played Chief Sitting Bull in Annie, Get Your Gun! and I played the Royal Herald/Steward in Cinderella

As you may be able to tell

I was too self conscious to go for anything among leads

but too egotistical to let myself fall into the background too much.

One important part of my self imposed typecasting

was that I avoided actually being in any big dance numbers

because dance numbers are hard.

But super impressive to watch, lemme tell ya.

There were some talented folks in my group, and watching rehearsals for those numbers was always cool. I mean yeah, there was some suck in there too, but it was all super happy goodtimes at the end of the day.

Camelot was my favorite as a whole, but as for actually being in a Musical, my Cinderella experience was the most fun.

It helped that everyone else was super into Cinderella, while not many of my fellows were very down to clown with Camelot.

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I went to see Matilda once for a School trip
I watched a strange Adaptation of that Flying Spongebob episode

Ooh! I love watching musicals!

Now PREFORMING in musicals is a whole different story. It's a ton of hard work, but it pays off.

I have only been in your average plays before, never a musical, but I really love musicals.

Fiddler on the Roof, West Side Story, Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, to name a few.

Hey, hobo man
Hey, Dapper Dan
You've both got you're style
But brother, you're never fully dressed without a smile

Yep, I've got my fair share of musicals from my adolescence, hoping to get back into them sometime.

Les Mis is best musical. Praise be.

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Everything from Dethklok: the Doomstar Requiem

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I watched The Sound of Music and West Side Story last year in drama. I never thought musicals would be so good.


Longer list time.

The Lion Knig
Guys and Dolls
Singing in the Rain
West Side Story
Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat
Beauty and the Beast
(according to my family) Kinky Boots

Yeah, I can I pretty much grew up on musicals.


I would say I’m surprised no one has brought up Heathers: The Musical, But come to think of it that isn’t very boards appropriate…

I mean, I still love it (and Hamilton, but that’s already been said), but…yeah. Definitely not for children, I can say that much.

The Greatest Showman. Some say it’s “nothing special” or “overrated” but I loved it

I’m in my high school’s drama club, and it’s kind of funny, I can’t really sing at all. I love straight plays, but I dread whenever they decide to do musicals. The only real musical I’ve been in was back in middle school, when we did Peter Pan. I was a pirate, because they weren’t even supposed to sound good🤣.
All that said, I love watching them. Newsies or In the Heights would have to be my favorites.

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Now for a list of my favorite Musicals:

Dear Evan Hansen
Be More Chill
Heathers: The Musical
Mean Girls: The Musical

in that order.

I am not really a fan of musicals. They just make the movie longer and more boring. Sound of Music, despite being one of the most classic movies ever, was sooo boring to me. And it’s length… 3 hours! What? Waste 3 hours of your life on Lord of The Rings rather than that! While I do recognize it as a good movie, too much songs make it too boring to me. I am not a fan when a person says something, and then starts a whole 3 minute song instead of continuing the action.

While songs work (for example in Disney movies) if the whole movie is all about songs (which means is a musical) are not my thing. Anything that is too much is no good.