Mutated Shadow Toa

This is just a thing I built that will be featured in an upcoming stop motion of mine:

Inspiration for the two-fingered hands came from the Toa Mata:

I added a light brick in his head to add a little more flare:


The head and arms are what really stand out here to me, and very creative of you to use a light up brick. Looks very cohesive and put together.


holy cow it’s beautiful!

I wouldn’t say this was a toa, looks more like a Rahi unless you mutated him to some bizarre degree

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Exactly :stuck_out_tongue:

Reminds me of this:

It’s a Nothic, which is kind of appropriate given that those are basically wizards affected a horrid curse that turns them into these monsters, which is kind of what Shadow Toa are, I think…

Anyways, love the look of the MOC, especially the light-up eye. It pulls off the lanky proportions very well, and the clawed hands do indeed give a very ‘Toa Mata gone evil’ feeling.

Interesting build, but even mutated it doesn’t scream “Toa” to me.

But great concept nonetheless!

This reminds me of one of these:

I always hated those :unamused:

But this… this I like :smirk:


Very well done creation. The system bricks integration is espically great to see. I can somewhat see the mutated part, but I don’t really get a Toa vibe here. I see this more as an alien than I do a mutated Toa.