MXT3 (XT4 Revamp)

Well, this started out as a XT4 revamp, but as I built it, it sort of became it’s own thing.

Firstly, it ended up with only three arms. The two side arms shoot fire, which ignites a gas released from the center limb, making a plasma stream (because science).

Secondly, I added some red to the color scheme.

It doesn’t resemble the original all too much, but that’s cause I don’t have the original myself, anyway.

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What exactly am I looking at?

A bipedal industrial welding unit with three limbs and one eye.

It… needs a lot of work.
It’s super awkward, weird-looking, and doesn’t really have much going for it. Keep trying, but right now, my thoughts are:

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Aside from not resembling XT4, I agree with other that it’s awkward all around.

@Square I didn’t try to make it look good, I tried to make it look like a mass produced industrial tool.

It’s a bit Jinky janky for my tastes.

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Uh, this is quite, sloppy. Even the posing is hard to not cringe at, imo.