My 3rd moc ever

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start the hate


looks more like a thumbs up to me

I'd delete your second post if I were you.


plus look at hte bottom image it really gives away the mocs secret

um... it's just that the images got a little screwed up on my camera

From what I can see by the sub-par photos, it looks, interesting.

Might want to retake the pics after fixing him up a bit, and while your at it, rename the topic to make it more original.


There is literally no consistency of the contents on that table…

such a mess xP


From what I can see, he looks decent. Quite good for a third moc ever.

Oh the quality

can you try get a better background and camera quality?

this is pretty much what I think.

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Hello, arm closeups.

(per others, take more overall pictures with the quality of your last two pictures)

Speaking of arm closeups, the two right arm pictures are exactly the same stuck_out_tongue

This looks like a modified 2015 Lewa, maybe try making it more original

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I like this idea you made, you should continue from this potential I see.

okay i'm not ocd so what

mussles bro mussles

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Is this a 3DS camera?

This is my sorta quality, other camera is borke.

If this is the only camera you have, then try making the backgrounds clearer. Could greatly help.


What kind of potato did you use to take these pictures?

Nice start for Moccing.
Great colour scheme and nothing looks too awkward as most first (or third) Mocs tend to be.
I agree with @codenamelego39 , try coming up with more original-looking characters.

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how did you find out

The drop in quality in that camera versus conventional cameras is noticable.

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I'm stuck with a 3DS camera for now too! Need to get my other one fixed up.

thank you for your support