My ancient toa team


About a year ago I built the mutated toa Mistarack and began my creation of the ancient toa which was followed up with the protector of poison, Wandariz of life force and Santarix of iron which were less than great in hindsight. so, moving on…

An eon before the toa landed on okoto 5 toa with unusual elements rose from the ground to protect the island from the evil that threatened it. And instead of having to find their golden masks they had to find the weapons of power littered in hidden temples all over the island

(I’m putting them in the order they were built FYI)

First up is Santarix of iron because V3 3rd time’s the charm :}

His staff of iron:

powered up:

Sentor of forging

Wandariz of life force who Is now male

Mistarack of lightning

Sreven of poison

I was running out of pieces, energy and muster at the end of building all of them which is why they decline
more at the end



The first two are alright but the rest suffer from plain and lackluster design.

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The first is arguably the best, but I actually like the third one more than I do the second, despite not receiving an equal amount of polish. The weapons, aside from the staff form, just don’t feel like they possess enough of a presence on the figure, and that Iron Man chest doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the aesthetic.
Four and five definitely do need some more work, though.

We didnt need this. It’s a fairly small topic