My Bionicle Story: Tales of Baga Nui

This is a post for my story: Tales of Baga Nui.

This will be a series of chapters, with some drawings added to the mix from time to time. I´ll try to update you guys with a chapter every... weekend or two, maybe.

This is the premise:

Imagine the G1 story, as you know it. Yet, there is a minor change: when Makuta Teridax took control of Mata Nui´s body, the Mask of Life went dormant and the great being never went to Bara Magna.
This caused a Great Cataclysm: a disaster of abyssal proportions. A small black hole emerged in the center of the planet, and many islands were merged into a great continent: Baga Nui.
Many years have passed, and a new Toa awakens: Toa Waster. Wearing the Kanohi Watara Hau, Mask of Spatial and Time Control, he is capable of controlling time and gravity, as well as change the position of objects. His mission: explore the continent and assemble a resistance, to reclaim Mata Nui´s body and restore peace to the Matoran Universe.
As Waster discovers and develop his powers, and tutors the young Matoran (soon to become Toa), he will also discover more about himself, and the world around him.

What do you think of it? Please leave your thoughts below. Thanks!

PS: My MOCs are in this. Yet some characters I am yet to make MOCs for, so drawings will have to do for now. Thank you for your understanding. chapter 1 chapter 2 chapter 3




Do you mean Gravity? Do you know that there already exist a Mask of Gravity in Bionicle G1?

Not gravity... exactly. As in lengthening or making space shorter. Imagine something like making the space between you and an apple shorter. So it would come to you. Or the opposite.

Also, his powers evolve as Waster´s adventures go on. New chapter coming this week.

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