My Bionicle TV Series Story Ideas

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I’ve been thinking hard about a Bionicle TV show and what I’d want it to be like. So much so, in fact, that I wrote my own little Bio-story bible for it.

Ep. 1
This episode, for the most part, focuses on Tahu, and his leaving the canister and learning about his fire power like before. Except, this time, after getting acquainted with his abilities, Tahu sees Takua and Jaller being cornered at a lava river by several Skull Spiders. As the duo are about to fall in, Tahu saves them riding his lavaboard, like in MOL. But now, he’s only just left his canister minutes ago, and he’s a lot less experienced, leading to many more molten close-call, and thus, a more entertaining scene. The trio barely escape the lava, only to have several Skull Spiders pounce on them. Right before they hit, though, Tahu subconsciously activates his Hau, knocking the spiders back and stunning them. Jaller and Takua, amazed and afraid of Tahu, take him to Vakama, who explains more about the Hau, then proceeds to tell him a legend:

"In the time before time, the Great Spirit descended from the heavens, carrying we, the ones called the Matoran, to this island paradise. We were separate and without purpose, so the Great Spirit blessed us with the three virtues: unity, duty, and destiny. We embraced these gifts and, in gratitude, we named our island home Mata Nui, after the Great Spirit himself.

But our happiness was not to last. Mata Nui’s brother, Teridax, was jealous of these honors and betrayed him. Teridax cast a spell over Mata Nui, who fell into a deep slumber. Teridax’s minions dominated the land, the Lord of Skull Spiders and his spawn chief among them.

Still, all hope was not lost. Legends tellsof six mighty heroes, the Elemental Masters, who will arrive to save Mata Nui. They will arrive with no memory, no knowledge of one another - but they pledge to defend Mata Nui and its people against the darkness. Kopaka, Master of Ice. Onua, Master of Earth. Gali, Master of Water. Lewa, Master of Jungle. Pohatu, Master of Stone. And you, Tahu, Master of Fire. Great warriors with great power, drawn from the very elements themselves. Together, they are six heroes with one destiny: to defeat Teridax and his spiders, and save Mata Nui, so that we may return to-"

Vakama is interrupted by rumbling and screeching. He, Tahu, and Jaller hurry outside to find that the Skull Spiders are attacking Ta-Koro! Tahu draws his smaller golden swords and runs into the heat of battle. Half a minute of slashing spiders, and they all begin to clear way. Confused, Tahu turns to see a massive spider glaring right at him (the Lord of Skull Spiders) The arachnid then screeches, charging at the lone Master. Tahu sidesteps, then leaps onto the huge Skull Spider Lord, riding him into walls and other spiders. LoSS eventually yanks Tahu off of him, sending Tahu flying. Then, as Tahu is on the ground, LoSS sends volleys of acidic saliva at our hero, only for Tahu to activate his shield. LoSS sends many more acid attacks at Tahu, almost breaking down the shield, when a mysterious cloaked figure rams LoSS from the side, ending his attack long enough for Tahu to use his elemental powers to manipulate the fires of all the torches of Ta-Koro, combine them into one massive fireball, and launch it at LoSS. When the debris clears, the spiders are nowhere to be found, and neither is Ta-Koro’s treasured Golden Kanohi Hau.

Vakama then says for Tahu to travel across the island, searching for the other five Elemental Masters and their respective Golden Kanohi. With best wishes from Jaller, Takua, Vakama, and the rest of Ta-Koro, Tahu sets off on his lavaboard, embarking on the beginning of a quest to save Mata Nui.

After the credits (Marvel style!), we see the hooded figure standing over Ta-Koro, talking into a wrist device.

"Yes, I’ve found them, Helryx, The Masters are here. "

(commenting ep. II soon, hopefullt it won’t be as much of a text wall. :P)



Episode Dos

Here we see Pohatu running across mountains, searching for spiders and/or Kanohi. As he does this, he reminisces of Po-Koro, the spiders that he fought off, and what Turaga Onewa said. “Find the other Elemental Masters. United, they are our only hope of salvation.” Still deep in thought, Pohatu doesn’t notice that he’s in Ko-Koro now, until he trips on some small creature. “Whoops. Sorry 'bout that, little guy.” Pohatu apologizes to the creature before realizing it’s another Skull Spider. Startled, Pohatu slips backwards, then tumbles down the mountainside. While rolling, Pohatu uses his stone powers to create a stone snowboard, which he begins to use to surf down Mt. Ihu, avoiding crevices, rocks, and trees. Just when Pohatu feels safe, he hears a screech and sees five Skull Spiders rolling down the mountain much faster than him. Pohatu, panicking, tries to launch stones at them, but he only downs three. As the other two are about to strike, Pohatu shuts his eyes in fear. When he opens them again, the spiders are nowhere to be seen. Instead, a huge white warrior stands over him, saying “I am Kopaka, Master of Ice, You are trespassing in Ko-Koro. Prepare to be beaten within an inch of your life.”

(not done, taking a break from so much typing)

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Moving to Literature, since this is technically a fanfiction story.

I like this, it’s like a blending of G1 and G2