My entry for the brickonicle contest| Attack at the temple of plasma

this is my entry for the ttv Birckonicle contest

set name: Attack at the temple of plasma
piece count: 382
price: $39

the temple comes with 4 stud shooters, blue plasma crystals , and the golden mask of plasma

minifigs include the Toa of plasma, The Necromancer , and 2 demon worriers

also includes the ancient guardian of the temple


Hey! Thank you for entering the contest! While I can’t comment on the model, unfortunately it won’t be able to qualify for entry as none of the minifigures are canon. The model itself is fine, but we do require the minifigures to be canon characters from either Gen 1 or 2. That being that case, you may enter at least two more models in order to qualify. Thank you once again, and good luck!


would it be okay is i change the figures to cannon characters, as well as change parts of the set without having to start all over from scratch?

Aw, what are the demons so worried about :frowning:

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Nice ancient guardian.

You may, yes.

m sorry one last thing XD if i were to make a minifig of a cannon character (like onua), but i use pieces from other themes. will it still be okay? cuz the character will still be cannon

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