My first attempt at a Dragon MOC

First attempt at a Dragon moc
And it is not that good



Wings out

This also might become CANON


The pictures aren't the best. Could you please supply better photos so that I can critique it better?


I don't know why it is getting blurry

Please retake the picture if you can. Cause I can't really tell what the MOC looks like.

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You dont know the problems I have when I take photos on my tablet
I have to always take it out of the casing due to not having any camera slot
but I will

Done It

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Nice MOC. I like the design a lot.

Looks pretty good for a smaller Dragon MOC.

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Thank you
But it does not have a Name
I might think of one
any Ideas of names
and anyway I can make it better can help

A dargon :smile:

me gusta, it looks pretty nice, I like it more from the back, but still looks nice

also it looks more like an insect than a dragon

Alright. I like the wings though, where are they from? It looks more insectlike than dragonlike.

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You could get them from the Lewa and Takanuva sets of 2008
And possibly some other sets

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I think this looks pretty cool.

It's all right.