My First Bioncle Moc

I've never really made Bionicle MOCs. So a while ago I made this. I made it out of a shoe box filled while Bionicle. Be brutally honest with me. I know it's not very good. Actually far from it. @Venom Since you do your MOC Spotlight any feedback from you would mean a lot. So without further ado I give you... Ashala Toa of Lightning!

Hope you like it! blush


Lightning? If she's part shadow I might accept it... though on it's own it's good

I was going for a more sinister vibe but I guess I went too far. stuck_out_tongue Thanks for the feedback though!


she looks more like a corrupted toa.... though I guess sinister counds

It's a fairly decent start. Not a big fan of the Inika build but I suppose it's a good basis for beginner BIONICLE MOCists. I think it could use some better looking chest armor, something silver since it would complement the mask and the weapon. Personally I'm not feeling the red spikes, but it's up to you if you like them enough to keep them.

That's pretty much all my criticism, I like the dark blue and light blue color scheme, and the silver works with it, a bit more silver would look pretty cool.

Not a bad job by any means, for your first MOC, it looks pretty alright. Keep it up, experiment with the Inika build as much as you see fit, and you'll surely come up with some really cool builds.


Thanks for the feedback! I would use more silver but I don't really have any more. I was more experimenting with the torso, upper arms, and upper leg armor. The Inika/Marhi sets was what I grew up on the most so I guess that's what I draw inspiration from the most. Also, I agree the spikes are a bit out of place.

I like the upper legs,but the rest is too basic.
color scheme is cool,too.

A decent start, although those red-pins sticking out from the arms irk me stuck_out_tongue

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Decent as for an beginer.

Basic but fine enaugh

To improve...

You should start making custom torsos and such


Well , for something you have with incredibly limited pieces, it's not half bad. It's an inikabuild, and you have the pros and cons of that building system. The color scheme isn't all over the place like on some other MOCs, but could stand some cleaning up. I see dark blue, red, black, and silver as the primary colors of the MOC, and if you could clean some of the trans colors out it should have a solid color scheme. Some of the armor choices are questionable, and stick out a bit, such as the visorak feet on the thighs and thornax launchers on the back. However, since this is something you had with extremely limited pieces, I acknowledge that you probably couldn't have done much improvement anyway. Do you have access to more parts?

Thanks for your suggestions. I have a few extra pieces but not very much. Actually I don't have much G1 Bionicle after giving almost all of it away to some friends who were moving away.

And about the Visorak feet. I was trying to go for a skirt armor kinda thing. That and it looked pretty bad without it. Also, I used the trans blue to give a energy/ lightning look. Kinda like she was charging her powers up.

pretty sweet!