My first M.O.C: SelfMoc: Ash

Code name:SmiperWolf
Weapons:plsma barrel sniper&plsmasword
Hight:5foot 8inches(real lif size:8inches)

Ash is my self mock if I was a bionicle I realy like to snipe in every video game or use a sword so that is how he got his weapons.
The body is custom&the head is custom too.
I wish I had enough pleases to make every thing custom.
So that is my self M.O.C I realy hope it will get reviewed on the M.O.C spot light,I will make more M.O.C’s in the future,till the next time by


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Pretty nice, though the torso seems a bit plain.

Btw, you listed its name as Smiper Wolf in the beginning of the post.

yeah I don’t see any diazepam
also your grammar needs a bit of tuning

as for the moc it seems alright
and there is some moderately good photography as well
could we see a shot of the back please
the head design is pretty good
but the rifle needs a small bit of work in my opinion

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Self-MOC. (I will excuse the other grammar mistakes as not speaking English fluently.)

As for the MOC itself, it’s alright.
The torso is decent, and everything else is basic.
The weapons look good, but I think the sniper rifle could use some work.
Overall, this gets a 7/10.

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Wow I meant SniperWolf

You can edit it

the lower arms look awkward, the joints in general are over exposed and gappyness all around.
The sniper looks less of a sniper and more of big tube with a scope on it, and there are MUCH better ways custom hands have been done, just look around for them.

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you might want to delete that since its not supposed to be here.

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Moc spotlight is typically for very popular Mocs on the boards.

All that being said, welcome to the boards.

Ok thank you for telling me I’m new to the messagebords

Also I edited the title for some errors, though I recommend you give it a more proper title that more clear and concise, such as “SelfMoc: Ash”