My first moc: #1 MEGA Stronius, Glatorian Legend

hello and welcom to my first ever MOC.
i am not the best in english, but i will try to do my best.

This is MEGA Stronius, one of the six Glatorian Legends.
i am really proud of this build and i hope you like it.

in this build i have made a whole new head (sort of skeleton) for his mask. i also have used two different bodyparts to make the body. the only thing is, that his feet are the as axxon, because i am really bad in designing feet and this one looks just fine to me.
his main colors are Black and a little bit Silver. as weapon, he has a scythe instead of a club.
he is very stable and his articulation is standard, but very nice.

i have talked too much now, so take a look at my MOC:

thank you for watching my first ever MOC and i hope you liked it.

for now, peace out, RF


This is amazing smile

No real flaws that break the Moc; it's ROCK solid!


10/10 this moc is mind blowing for a first moc or any moc at that!



  • Color Scheme is overall consistent
  • Bulk-Master
  • Back filled up well
  • The open pins on the feet look strange
  • Like the head design
  • the red axle on the back sticks out
  • The Dekar weapons on forearms stick to far out on the sides
  • Forearms look spindly compared to the rest of the body

I would give this MOC a 9.5/10.
My Goodness, doesn't he look cool. A great color, interesting build, and overall amazing design, MEGA Stronius is darn-near amazing.


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VERY nice!

My biggest complaint would be how the lower arms are a bit skinny in places and the out-of-place trans-red on the feet.


This is your FIRST MOC?


10/10. If this is your first moc than you are probably the best mocer I have ever seen! The only thing that could be improved is the red on his feet, you should probably replace that.


it's quite the upgrade, real nice

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It's cool, but the silver kind of breaks it for me.

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I got to say this is pretty amazing!
But the blue and red pins are exposed and the trans-red visorak eyes on the feet feel out of place.

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Very good! If I were to change anything, I'd give him some more red, and perhaps try to include those club parts from the original set.


For your first ever MOC, this is actually pretty good. You got the concept right of revamping/improving an already released set. You've made it larger and more menacing while also keeping the traits that define the character such as the spikey armour.

The silver does clash a little but i think it works other than the huge blade, not sure why you didn't retain the club he had in the set as similar to the previously mentioned character traits, the club kind of defined him.

In terms of ways you can improve, the main issue i have with the set is just the blue pins. Some of them don't even seem to be needed such as on the foot. There are black pins that could be brought and used instead which would really help the overall look of the set given the blue attracts attention.

Though yeah, look forward to seeing more MOC's from you in the future :slight_smile:


Well it's mega, and it looks like Stronius, and it's probably a Glatorian Legend.

So you get 12/10!


That looks fantastic! 10/10 smile

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10/10! This MOC is AMAZING! Why didn't they do this in 2009?

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excellent torso design and good use of the feet to make up the chest armor smile

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Nice work! Really love what you did with the eyes

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It looks really cool! I really like the torso....but the feet are pretty much just Axonn feet. It's not a bad thing, but maybe you should just try something a bit more unique.

Overall, 9.5/10. It's a great MOC--especially for your first one!

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I'm normally not bothered by silver, but this is a special case. None of the Skrall had silver parts on them. He doesn't fit.

Other than that, I like it.

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