My first Moc Karnas the Bounty Hunter

Alright I’ve never created a Moc before and I have a ton of bionicles so I decided it was time. In total it took me like 7 hours and I got no inspiration for building it I just jumped right in.

His name is Karnas and he weilds the kanohi maho, mask of invisiblity along with a giant scythe and dule shadow shanks. He doesn’t really fit into the bionicle story so Ima just say that he was a bounty hunter until he was captured by the king of the beneath realm (I’m kinda just making this up as I go). After he was captured he escaped and killed the king. Then he took the throne and became the new ruler of the beneath realm. I dunno I’m out of ideas so here are the pictures.


This is amazing for a first MOC, keep up the awesome work :thumbsup:

Looks mor like the grim reaper then a bounty hunter to me. But I’m not really sure how to fix that. Other then that this moc is really cool :smile_cat:.

TheMatoroMovement got ripped!

good, buff(looks like he could break a bat) and, while a little messy, generally cohesive. He’s great!

First MoC? I call lies, this is too good for a first MoC :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well I still build bionicles and I make stuff but this is like my first one I spent a lot of time on and posted to the public, I have other things I could post but their very very bad mocs.

Kind of bulky, but the color scheme is exceptionally consistent, I must say.

I like it, it looks good! My only complaints are the Mata feet on the back of the thighs and the head being too far up and back. That’s about it! Great job!

The bulkiness of his armor reminds a lot of knights from Fire Emblem. Excellent job.